2014 | Forgiveness | Toronto & Aarhus


Presented at the Theatre Centre 

In association with Laboratoriet (Denmark), Don*Gnu Physical Theatre and Film (Denmark) and Dreamwalker Dance Company (Toronto)

February 15 to March 1, 2014

In an empty white space defined only by light and sound, three dancers and two actors examine how forgiveness affects our lives – from the conflicts that have shamed human history to the intimate tragedies that touch us personally.

Playwright: Peter Farbridge | Soheil Parsa | Barbara Simonsen Director: Soheil Parsa Dramaturg/Assistant Director: Barbara Simonsen Choreography: Don*Gnu | Dreamwalker Dance Cast: Peter Farbridge | Stavroula Logothettis | Andrea Nann | Jannik Elkaer Nielsen | Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen Lighting: Michelle Ramsay Set: Lindsay Anne Black Sound: Thomas Ryder Payne Costumes: Angela Thomas Stage Manager: Marcie Januska Production Manager: David DeGrow Producer: Sue Edworthy Photo: John Lauener