1990 | The Balcony | Toronto

Produced in association with the Theatre Centre

April 8 to 22, 1990

 In this absurdist piece, set in a nameless city in a time of revolution, a high-end brothel serves as a metaphor for a corrupt and violent regime.

Playwright: Jean Genet Director: Soheil Parsa Cast: David Botten | Leanna Brodie | Kim Collier | Martha Cronyn | Ann-Marie Kerr | Anita La Selva  Gord MacKenzie | Sandy MacMaster | Richard Malouin | Barbara Nicholson  Andrew Scorer Musicians: Ezra Azmon | Kevin Gould | Beverly Kreller Set: Soheil Parsa Lighting: John Christie Costumes: Barbara Nicholson  Milt Jewel Stage Manager: Ian Rea  Producer: George Mirabelli | Peter Farbridge