2009 | Hallaj | Richmond Hill

Produced in association with the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

September 22-26, 2009

Impact Festival, Kitchener, ON

September 29, 2009

A Sufi poet looking for a spiritual destiny, Hallaj won the admiration of the public and rage of the orthodoxy. In the end, four unspeakable words brought him to political trial and a brutal, untimely death.

Playwright: Peter FarbridgeSoheil Parsa Director: Soheil Parsa Cast: Lara Arabian | Stewart Arnott | Steven Bush | Peter Farbridge | Keon Mohajeri | John Kin Kei Ng | Costa Tovarnisky | Bahareh Yaraghi Set: Camellia Koo Lighting: Andrea Lundy Costumes: Angela Thomas Sound/Composition: Thomas Ryder Payne Movement Coach: Thomas Jones Assistant Costumes: Setareh Delzendeh Assistant Set: Jill Tomac Production Manager: Chris Clifford Stage Manager: Dale Yim Photo by: Guy Bertrand