Season 2015-16

Peter Farbridge Home

This year we are in coproduction with the Theatre Centre for our revival of ‘The Death of the King’. Originally produced by Modern Times in 1994, ‘The Death of the King’, by celebrated Iranian playwright, Bahram Beyza’ie (translated by Soheil Parsa and Peter Farbridge), will play at the Theatre Centre from March 29th to April 10, 2016.  In honour of the new production, Soheil and Peter have entirely reworked the 1994 translation (which won a Dora for Best Translation/Adaptation). A first workshop was held in September 2015 to define the style and analyse the text.

The Death of the King, by Bahram Beyza’ie
Previews March 26 & March 27
Opening March 29
Tickets: $15 – $25
On sale soon

‘The Death of the King’ Team
Director: Soheil Parsa
Cast: Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, Bahareh Yaraghi, Jani Lauzon, Steven Bush, Sean Baek, Colin Doyle, Ron Kennel
Assistant Director: Brendan Howlett
Stage Manager: Michael Hart
Dramaturg: Ric Knowles
Producer: Sue Balint
Lighting and Set: Trevor Schwellnus
Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne
Costumes: Teresa Przybylski

Tour to San Francisco
Welcome back! Right after the close of the show in Toronto, the production will tour to San Francisco for a six-performance run. The production is being presented at the wonderful ODC Theater by Stanford’s University’s Festival of Iranian Arts from April 13 to 17th, 2016.

Tickets: $25 – $35
On sale soon.

Soheil Parsa and Peter Farbridge are in the R&D phase of a new piece, slated for 2017-18. With the working title “Believers”, they’ll examine how ideologies shape our lives, why we need them, and if there’s life beyond them. (Both Soheil and Peter are working on personal projects this October, Soheil is directing Morris Panych’s ‘Vigil’ out at Theatre New Brunswick, and Peter is acting in ‘Progress!’ with Infinitheatre in Montreal, directed by Guy Sprung.)

Good Co-producers Make Even Better Roommates
After over a decade in the Distillery District, Modern Times has moved into the offices of our friends at Aluna Theatre. As of September 1st, our new offices have been at 1 Wiltshire Ave, Unit 126 Toronto, ON M6N 2V7. We’re so happy to be sharing space with Aluna and look forward to new partnerships with Trevor, Bea and Sue.

Last Season ‘Blood Wedding’ Awards

Toronto Theatre Critics’ Awards
Best Direction (Soheil Parsa), Best Supporting Actress (Bea Pizano)

Dora Mavor Moore Awards
Outstanding Production (Modern Times and Aluna Theatre); Outstanding Direction (Soheil Parsa); Outstanding Performance – Female (Bea Pizano); Outstanding Costume Design (Angela Thomas); Outstanding Scenic Design and Outstanding Lighting Design (Trevor Schwellnus).