They’ve been there for us… Mehrdokht Hadi

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MehryMehrdokht Hadi has been a true friend and one of the most dedicated supporters of our company since 2006. She has been one of the main organizers of Modern Times’ fundraising and gala events over the years…

As a true ambassador for Modern Times, she has been working tirelessly to find new members and sponsors for the company, as well as bringing new audiences to our productions. We are really fortunate to have such a dedicated friend.

“My relationship with Modern Times is like a dreamer and her dream! After watching each production by Modern Times, I find myself on a different planet, transformed to a different level of philosophical thoughts. The company has challenged me in so many different ways, but one of the most recent and immense experiences for me was “Forgiveness”. After watching that performance, I felt dizzy and like banging my head against the walls of all my beliefs: Do I know what forgiveness is? Can I forgive? Should I forgive? What should or shouldn’t I forgive? Where would forgiveness take us? What would happen to religion, dictators, people of power…? I was going in and out of my experiences: my personal life, living in a country governed by religious dictators, living as a woman, living as an immigrant… After watching each production by Modern Times, I dream of having a magic wand! I think: If only I could move it in the air and create what Modern Times does! Supporting this company is a part of my dues to my world: my family, my community, my countries, my kids, and myself!”  – Mehry Hadi