Blast from the Past… Karim Morgan

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Photo by David Sweeney
Photo by David Sweeney

My first production with Modern Times was their remount of Macbeth at the former location of the Theatre Centre. It was a wonderful introduction to the unique and rich style that the company is known for.

I remember it being one of those occasions complete with a dream cast, great direction, and of course an iconic script. If you’re familiar with the old Theatre Centre, you will certainly agree that it’s full of history and all the charms that come with it, and when I say charms, I mean ghosts. On a number of occasions members of the production reported having eerie encounters backstage. I didn’t give this much gravity until I had my own experience one afternoon during a tech dress. Our stage manager, Elaine Lumley, being sensitive to the growing vibe of “there’s some serious residual stuff in this joint” began a ritual of smudging the space before each show. If nothing else, it placated us sissies and possibly gave the ghosts a good laugh.

– Karim Morgan, Cast of Macbeth 2005, Theatre Centre