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In our administration, we try to establish the same type of lateral, collaborative relationship between the artist-managers (Soheil and Peter) and the administrators. Success here again is dependent upon our ability to chose the right people for the company. The individual growth and contribution of the administrators is important to us…  Modern Times is best served by administrators who are artists themselves, who understands the intent of the work, and so can better formulate strategy that will support its growth. In our experience, a resolutely managerial approach to the business usually ends with the frustration of all. Business problems in the company must be addressed in a holistic way, taking the creation into account, and what will ultimately best serve the growth and evolution of the art.

We extend this same model of collaboration to the Board, where the contribution of  Board members can be understood as a combination of their specific skill-set, the needs of the company, and the greatest personal satisfaction they will gain from giving of themselves to the company.

Sometimes when we make a mistake, we must let go an artist, or an administrator or a Board member. We only do this as a last resort, when the needs of the group are so underserved that the company or production is put in jeopardy. When someone is simply less capable than others, it is unlikely we would replace them, and deny them the opportunity of proving us wrong.