Why I Volunteer… Ramin Jahanbegloo

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Ramin Jahanbegloo PhotoWhen I reflect on my past four years on the board of the Modern Times Stage Company, I conclude that the experience not only made me a more attentive viewer and astute reader of theatre, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my own auto-biographical writing… This artistic experience was complemented by a fruitful and dialogical collaboration with other members of the board of Modern Times. As such, Modern Time’s artistic road map has helped each one of us as board members to maximize our own board experiences and make a meaningful difference in the Canadian and global art community. I believe, my collaboration with the Modern Times Stage Company has been a transformative experience, but also an engaging group process with many creative components. It has been an effective way to support individuals in personal growth and empowerment. To this I would add that the Modern Times Stage Company has been a relaxed and non-judgmental space where the participants as board members, directors, artists or assistants could find a potent path for creating artistic change and expanding their awareness of today’s art world. It is a fact; Modern Times Stage Company is not a mere chance. It is the result of different individuals working together. The true friendship among us is the highest calling of our success.

Ramin Jahanbegloo (Board Member since 2009) is a prominent Iranian-Canadian philosopher and professor of Political Science at York University. His autobiography, Time Will Say Nothing: A Philosopher Survives an Iranian Prison, will be launched in September by University of Regina Press.